Bleachu Review

Name: Bleach

Author: Tite Kubo

Published: 2001 Shueisha, TV Tokyo


Bleach, one could say that this is the prince of long ass animation, the king being One Piece. Yet like some popular manga and anime we get this awkward time between the the climax and the finish.

Amp here once again! in this review ima give you some advice on how to approach this anime as a whole (as there definitely is a definitive way to watch this one)


So yeah meet our main character Ichigo our main Ichibro throughout, an interesting character a little dumb but whatever he serves the purpose of being the protagonist who is gifted in and somehow linked to world he is about to be plunged into, the world of ‘Soul Society’ now Soul Society is pretty much your heaven and those who are not fit to go to Soul Society are sent to hell. Pretty simple right ButWaitThere’sMore.jpg if you are un-satisfied with your death or are emotionally tied to something you start to become a hollow, a beast with an un-satiable hunger for recognition, thus be named hollow as all attention given to them falls straight through, that and a giant hole in their chests! it is shinigami’s jobs to hunt these hollows down and vanquish them although this doesn’t purge the soul it release others and itself from its torment.

So with that you would of thought that this would be a pretty simple story, maybe 25 episodes right? No, many things start to stir in Soul Society and co-incidentally Ichigo is in the thick of it. Let me take a side bar real quick, the story revolving round Ichigo is quite linear to say the least things happen to him as if it was a pre-scripted life story (which is essentially what it is but its very much not realistic even by anime standards) needless to say though past the first 50 episodes just the fact that you see Ichigo growing stronger and fighting epic battles the simple story so far is enough of a narrative hook to get you hooked (LOL i did a pun i am so funny) The story starts to pick up and just when you think its getting good FILLER Bleach has to be the worst anime for filler i have ever seen, the problem is that these sometimes 20 episode sub-plots are that they appear to take place in the same universe and they seem to have some effect on the main characters YET no one bloody remembers them, very confusing for an idiot like myself xD. AMPS AWESOME ADVICE: Basically there are some awesome sites that allow you to see exactly where these sub-plots start and where they end so you can bypass them entirely ABRACADBRA LINK *Poof* However to be fair to these filler episodes some of the arcs can be quite enjoyable so unless you absolutely hate filler just watch em anyways.

I can tell you now that the plot becomes rather interesting and actually stays on par with the action which was surprising for me, many things happen in the world of Soul Society and much of it is very interesting a part from the last 50 episodes but that is for another time.There is a lot to the story, and too much to talk about, i have a few tangents that i want to go off on but i will probably cover those in the podcast on Thursday ;).

The animation and the music in this anime are probably the best you will see in a long time just because it is a perfect anime for such shenanigans such as overly dramatic music and cool and silly special effects. When i do revisit Bleach i always get a ton of adrenaline and these two factors engage me the most, very awesome. Also the Animation improves as the series goes on! Much wow! although it changes at such a slow rate you won’t really notice it unless you watch the entire thing again.


  • Animation lends strongly to this kind of anime
  • It is long and should keep you entertained for a while
  • a lot of character progression to help you become attached to the character

  • Tons of filler :<
  • Very cliche moments (cringeworthy)
  • it kinda becomes like a long snake that won’t die (not hugely impressed by the ending

To summarize this anime is probably a must watch just for the fact that it is a classic, it has a lot of awesome fight scenes and music like this makes it incredibly powerful at points





Tenga Toppa Gurren Lagann review

Heyo everyone, Amp here bringing you another review 🙂

So if you have read the title i assume you know which anime I’m reviewing 😉 yeah TTGL (Tenga Toppa Gurren Lagann) is one of those shows that only come round once in a while. Many feels were shed in that anime and many brave otaku ventured into the world of TTGL .

Also if you wanna check out the manga review head over to this blog


Too hard to find a compliment with a K Kamina


Yolo Yoko


Serious Simon

Name: Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

Author: Kotaro Mori, Takami Akai, Yasuhiro Takeda

Published: 2007 – ongoing, Media Works, TV Tokyo

Age: 16+

Meet the characters of TTGL, of course there are many more but here are a our main characters. They are all well rounded characters…Nah I’m just kidding, in fact each of these characters has a flaw, but not a flaw like ‘Whiny bitch syndrome’ more along the lines of something relate-able. For instance Simon is quite a fragile character and gets scared easily, but he doesn’t run from his problems he merely expresses his emotion, do you see what i mean its not annoying more like a needed hamartia to allow the creators to progress the character.I feel that the characters of this anime is what makes it such a strong story, you can get emotionally attached to each character. They way they all interact with each other is also amazing, the filler just doesn’t seem like filler at all!

Onto the plot, in the first episode we are met with a young man named Kamina who wants to break free of the oppressive nature around him in which humans are forced to live underground because the surface is dangerous, and we have Simon who digs all day for the village and he is quite skilled at it too! finally Kamina hatches a plan to escape but hes caught in the act and is placed in the undergrounders form of time out (a little prison xD) whilst this is going on Simon stumbles upon A miniature drill and a little robot. Simon comes to Kamina’s aid and breaks him out to show him the little robot, suddenly a huge mecha falls through the ceiling and all hell breaks loose. We are then introduced to Yoko the master sniper who attempts to fight the mecha off but is no match with only her rifle (and Kamina being annoying :D) Simon leads them all the the robot, he then turns it on using the miniature drill he found it breaks out of the underground, they fight off the mecha and leave the confines of underground. The adventure begins from there to find their oppressor!

The story is so powerful always playing on the fact that Kamina refuses to accept that there is something bigger than him and his group, constantly making progress in their strength. It starts out simple but quickly the plot thickens and it becomes quite serious, i can’t really say anymore but it really is an experience :). In the anime Akagi i always knew he would win in the end but with this i was on the edge of my seat all the time, you really couldn’t tell if it was all over for them. Instead of being able to power through this i had to watch it in segments because it was so intensive.

Music is brilliant in this anime, so many times the fight scenes and moments get intensified by the amazing soundtrack that accompanies it, if you have seen samurai champloo I’ll compare it to that.

The art style was actually amazing, from start to finish

Pros and cons


  • Lovely character progression you can easily get attached
  • amazing soundtrack
  • a full story that isn’t too long but not too short either

  • Feels
  • Yoko is pretty much fanservice
  • It’s finished now 😦

I’d recommend to anyone and everyone but mainly if you have a friend that wants to get into anime you should give this to them to watch, they’ll thank you over and over 😉


Exciting changes

Amp here, I am bringing you good news, Well don’t I always?

So from now on I will be collaborating with Myra93’s blog in which she reviews manga. Can you see the trend? Yup that’s right I will be reviewing the anime whilst she reviews the manga. We will be releasing these posts simultaneously and you can expect reviews of elusive series like No.6 to classics like Rosario vampire.

I am also hoping to make this site as good as absolutely possible so if you have any suggestions that you want to see just drop a comment below :).

Unfortunately due to lots of planning being required I don’t have a review out today, dammit that’s bad news! Quickly roll the good news, I am going to be doing a podcast on Thursday as per usual and hopefully try and get a guest speaker (I would gladly talk with my followers if your up for it ;D)

In other good news Log horizon should be coming put on the day before my birthday, yay! If you don’t know what that is: well I’ll tell ya, it is an anime/manga similar to Sword art online and I use the word similar loosely, it’s basically the same thing, but you guys should know my motto is execution over originality, though i don’t actually know when the manga came out so let’s not get into the messy details.

Gaming news as I just wanna tell ya ahaha, Terraria patch 1.2 is out ‘crowds cheer’ thank you crowds. I should be doing a play through of that on my Youtube channel with some people, my steam name is Grim so send me a friend request if you wanna play :).

Anyways Amp signing out (;_;)7 thanks for being a great community :).

Akagi – A dissapointed review



Disclaimer – This will be a full review as i feel this anime needs to be reviewed in full for you to understand the certain points that i felt ruined this anime and the points that could warrant watching this anime.

Ah Akagi, you have a story as beautiful a summer dress. Narration as powerful as the raging ocean. An art style as interesting as quantum physics (pretty godamn interesting) yet your dress is full of holes, your waves are dying and the art style just too far fetched.

You see the major flaw in these sport/game anime is that without visible impending doom the watcher feels no fear, the anime continues on yet the viewer can sit back without feeling any suspense due to the simple fact that we know our protagonist will never lose.

The story starts off around when our main character is just 13 years old, he stumbles into a mahjong parlor and makes a call that will ultimately save a man’s life we are told that this boy ‘Akagi’ is a natural born mahjong genius. Akagi switches out this man and continues to play Showing a reckless and skillful playstyle combining his utter fearlessness with sheer skill and he proceeds to crush his opponent.

This first game surprised me, Akagi surprised me! yet this would be the second to last time he surprises me this characters emotionless personality will be it’s downfall. This emotionless coupled with the animator trying to convince me that Akagi is a ruthless monster just doesn’t work the way it intended and backfires, instead of it progressing Akagi’s character it limits it.

We are confronted with Akagi’s fake and numerous games leading to the penultimate game in which Akagi will confront a character just as ‘mad’ as Akagi this character is given a backstory and compelling thought narration however Akagi is a protagonist with none of this. The game is a game of life and death where Akagi Shines yet the game is see through literally with tiles being transparent i could see the end before it happened Akagi would near death just for him to come back and break his opponent. I expected a grand finale yet the game doesn’t end in the anime and we are given instead a half assed ending in which we are shown the future with a 60 year old Akagi just in view there was no ending as we could see where it was going there was no suspension sure, however i would of liked of seen the ending between them.

The anime should of been 12 episodes so that the action and suspense didn’t grow old also Akagi’s thought narration should have been a little more, so as not to pry into the crazy mind and ruin atmosphere but learn his logic crazed or not and then listen to his explanations given.

Imagine a going to watch a Magic show yet knowing all the tricks about to be performed its no fun and boring, this anime interested me quite a bit from episode 13-26 it went downhill and i would have given it a sub-par score if not for the horrendous ending.

5/10 — Watch this anime if you enjoy the underdog, rocking the foundations of society and a few underlying messages.

I have tried not to spoil too much but this anime was hard for me to review in the way as the rest.

Feed back is much appreciated.

Amp signing out (;_;)7.

The world god only knows s3 finale!

Amp here! Oh my god what an absolutely heart wrenching ending, I can only hope they finish the last arc soon and animate it!
Does anyone else feel really sorry for Katsuragi at the moment, I mean I totally understood that that was what the author wanted but jeez they really hit home with Katsuragi’s last line “I didn’t mean to say that Chihiro” Ow! right in the feels.
Also could you guys tell if the girls in 2B pencils were crying or really sweaty!? Maybe a metaphor for true feelings (tears) and physical resistance (sweat)
Anyways Amp signing out, don’t worry this is not the tuesday review, I’m just bored at school haha! I will be doing a marathon of an anime today so I can get it finished for you lot, get excited haha.

Watamote episode 2 – 3 impressions (spoilers)

Amp here with another update on Watamote because it has been a real rollercoaster. So in episode 2 we have kuroki meeting up with her childhood friend Yuu, as kuroki struggles to find things to talk to Yuu about we really see how desperate she is for a little bit of attention. Don’t get me wrong though she acts as though she doesn’t want to have anything to do with anyone. When Saturday finally comes around we meet Yuu who has drastically changed and is now quite good looking which crushes poor Kuroki who thought she would have somone who would look up to her. She ends up having a great day out and even is honest to Yuu that highschool isn’t going too well, unfortunately Yuu stamps on kuroki again by telling her thanks for the day and that “I shouldn’t get upset about an argument with my first boyfriend” at this point I’m feeling really sorry for Kuroki :(.
  Episode 3 consists of kuroki being an insensitive bitch, I ain’t gonna sugar coat it. I could understand that she is really depressed but man is she awful to her brother after him becoming ill and not having to go to school, but she was the one who made him ill by depriving him of the bathroom and warm towels after the poor lad had been soaked by the rain on the way home.
  Long story short, I felt reasons to sympathize with kuroki and she IS very funny in the episodes. However I feel she is too inconsiderate, for example when a really nice guy buys her a new umbrella and leaves it for when she was sleeping after she wakes a joke is made along these lines “I wish a guy would do something nice for me” I get the little joke but I feel it is stretching it a little here. I mean kuroki isn’t even considering that it might of been one of the boys. Meh I went from feeling really sorry for her to thinking she is an utter biatch. I swear to god the author has a deathwish doing this kind of thing xD.
Anyways thanks for reading, Amp out.